April 15, 2011

urban beanie for rinjani

i made another beanie for Rinjani couple days ago. she's 7 months old now and she definitely needs a new beanie. :D

the urban beanie is still too big for her, but i'm sure it will fit her head soon. now, just enjoy her mongolian-like face with that oversize beanie. :p

i got the pattern from Kathy's blog A Beautiful Ramble. :D Thank you, Kathy! *hugs*

November 20, 2010

hats for rinjani

finally i decided to gave these hats for Rinjani Sasikirana, a baby girl of good friends of mine. at first, i doubted that the hats would fit her. but, voila, it fit perfectly on her. perfect colors too! ain't she look adorable?? :)

i definitely will make more of these hats!

thanks to Dewi, Rinjani's mom for the photos!

October 18, 2010

baby's hats

never tired to make 'em! made from japanese cotton yarns in earth colors. they are so sweet. the pattern is from here. love them so much! i think i'm gonna make more. :)

mad about mats

when i started to crochet 15 years ago, i made this ugly uneven blue square mat for my bookshelf. it was very very ugly. i made it without any pattern, i just went along with those long boring over tight double crochet stitches. but i was quite proud of it. i felt like a champion. too bad i didn't keep it.

i made my second table mat about three years ago. i got the Jameson pattern from Berroco. i finished it in a day and and i gave it to my fabulous friend, Ayu Utami, for inviting me and my boyfriend for lunch. i will take a picture of it when i visit her again. promise.

then last month, i looked over my vintage crochet book. oh yes, you should see this treasure of mine.

i found the book a year ago when i'm accompanying my boyfriend to a mall to buy shoes (again). then apparently there's a second book store just right beside the shoes store. and this book instantly attracted me, of course, with that giant CROCHET title on it. it was published in 1974 by Marshall Cavendish Ltd. ISBN 0-85685-273-2.

and then i was stunned with this beautiful...beautiful table mat.

table mats to make for everybody... *sigh* aren't they lovely?

so i decided to make some of them with my rami yarns. it didn't look quite what i expected, but i'm happy to see my new table mats!

there's one more!

last month, i bought this new japanese crochet book. yes, i bought it from japan! it's cheaper than those in Kinokuniya, Jakarta. a wonderful friend of mind bought it for me there and brought it with her to Jakarta. thank you, Yumiko!

yes, i know, right? look at that BAG! *sob*

that bag and other lovely things inside are made from flower appliques like this

Yes, i know! they are wonderful! i don't know the title (of course), but the ISBN is 978-4-579-11113-8. i read about this book in Amazon. maybe you should check it there?

Then i tried one pattern of those wonderful appliques and i got this cute fuchsia table mat. It's perfect! i will make more!

closer look...


lovely lovely lovely!

October 14, 2010

where was i, again?

work kills. that's all i can share about right now. but i've been crocheting a lot within these couple of weeks and i'm looking forward to share it with you. just wait, okay? patience is golden.... :)

June 05, 2010

love this book!

i browsed through the internet to get some ideas for my weekend project. one day, i found this book, read the review and bought it. gosh! i love it instantly! it has so many projects for adorning my old boring clothes. but first, i have to finish those mesh scarf first. hehehe... by the way, you can reach Linda Permann's website here.

thank you Linda.

May 20, 2010

a gift for my model

after fighting against the heat of Jakarta, i decided to give Dita, my beloved model, a very slouchy hat. For the foundation i used pattern from Chez Crochet, but i modified a little bit to make it a bit bulky. i use the same yarn i used for this scarf from Tobucil. I think it's the perfect type of yarn to make rasta hat like this due to its softness yet worsted type. somehow i felt a bit dissapointed with my modification. Hehehe... But, the most important things are Dita loved it and i learned.

I like the Princess Amidala look. Hehehe... Thank you, Dita!