April 14, 2010

i dare me

well...maybe it's just me. it's been really hard for me to move my fingers lately. they're becoming lazier and lazier... and lazier....

and that has to stop!

so i asked my friends to pick their favorite hat patterns. i got them free from ravelry. and i will make the hats for them. i promise. now, i'm still on my way finishing a rasta hat.

wish me luck!

April 07, 2010

new beginning


it's been almost 2 years since my last post. gosh! but that doesn't mean i stop crocheting. well, pretty much. i've been crocheting slowly and produced some scarves and other learning projects. nowadays, i'm so obsessed with granny squares. yes, squares. you can do a lot with squares. couple months ago, i bought Eckman's Beyond Squares book in Kinokuniya, Jakarta. it is a great book indeed. very inspiring i can say! i learn to make those granny circles, granny triangles, granny everything. not all of them are easy, but they are so lovely. i'll show you later what i can make with them.

Although granny squares is my new obsession, i still stick with my old passion: hat. i always love making them. they are quick projects. very suitable with my little spare time. couple years ago, i browsed through ravelry and i found this beautiful hat pattern that using granny square technique. too bad i don't remember who make this wonderful pattern but hopefully by refering it to ravelry is quite enough for now. if one of you is the pattern creator, please let me know.

i made this hat for two little girls. they are my friends' daughters. i'm sure that this hat won't fit with their heads now as they're growing so fast.

This is Azwa. if i'm not mistaken, she was 3 years old by the time she wore this beanie. actually, i felt it was a bit tight for her, but her mom said that it fit her very well. and look how happy she is with her beanie! my heart was melting.....