May 20, 2010

a gift for my model

after fighting against the heat of Jakarta, i decided to give Dita, my beloved model, a very slouchy hat. For the foundation i used pattern from Chez Crochet, but i modified a little bit to make it a bit bulky. i use the same yarn i used for this scarf from Tobucil. I think it's the perfect type of yarn to make rasta hat like this due to its softness yet worsted type. somehow i felt a bit dissapointed with my modification. Hehehe... But, the most important things are Dita loved it and i learned.

I like the Princess Amidala look. Hehehe... Thank you, Dita!

May 12, 2010

a gift

i haven't met her yet, but i've known her sister for a long time and it feels like i've known her for the same length of time. moreover, we share the same passion: needle crafts. she knits, i crochet. and thank God for the internet (and her sister, too) that could connect us crafters. one day i gave her a big pile of yarns. and then as a unexpeected return, she gave me this beautiful knitted grey scarf. even my beloved model wanted to kidnap it. i think i saw the crochet pattern of this yarn in Lion Brand website. i should try it someday.

OK. Photo session done. Take it off, young lady! *smirk*

Many thanks for Lia La Gosse. We should do craft together.

May 11, 2010

diagonal block stitch scarf

the first time i found this october diagonal block stitch scarf, i was so in love. i have made several scarves using this pattern. i gave two scarves for my friends as birthday gifts and they all loved it! and i made this red scarf for myself using mixed color soft rayon yarns from Tobucil. though i never used any plain color yarns, the scarves look so beautiful. i promise i will make it with plain colored soft yarns like Suzzeta did it. Thank you, Suzie!

May 09, 2010

army flap hat and scarf

Yes, it is an old hat and scarf i made couple years ago. I gave it to my boyfriend and he always wear them whenever he goes to someplace cooler. He loves it and I do too! But I asked Dita to wear them again. I just want some decent photos of my favourite things. ^_^

You can check the flap hat pattern in Garn Studio. Since i used rami yarn, so the hat is smaller than it was supposed to be.

This is just a simple double crochet scarf from the same rami yarn. The colors mix are very manly. But girls can use it just fine! Don't forget to match it with a pair of boots, ladies!

A Very Long V-Stitch Scarf

I love v-stitch. It's very easy and you can make a lot of beautiful stuffs with it: scarves, hats, even a dress. it's my number one favorite stitch before shell-stitch. One day, three years ago, I bought these pretty suede yarns in two colors: khaki and terracota from my favorite on-line store Tobucil. I browsed a lot of free patterns available on the websites, but i haven't found the right pattern to make due to the yarn textures. So, 6 months ago, I decided to make a v-stitch scarf. I had 2 balls of terracota yarns and 2 balls of khaki yarns. So, what should i do? Usually I can make a scarf out of 2 balls of yarns. But I didn't feel to make two scarves at that time. So I kept crocheting, those yarns and.... tada! This is the longest v-stitch scarf i ever made and I love it!


Look how long this scarf is! These colors make this scarf looks like caramel waffel. Yum! And actually I can use it for so many things. Here are some examples.

I love "Penelope" movie. The scarf used by Penelope (starring Christina Ricci) did take my breath away. It is surely a beautiful scarf to hide the piggy nose. I can use this scarf to hide my small nose too! He he! Kidding. I often go to the deep forest for my daily job. This scarf can warm my nose from freezing air at night in the forest. Besides, the v-stitch makes it very breezy and i can breath in it.




OR... you can play Coco Chanel with it! Driving convertible cars with your sunglasses on... You can't drive a convertible car in Jakarta, by the way. Or you'll get all burned! :D



Classy, huh? OR... you can go all 'Yo Mama' with this scarf! Zap! Zap! V-stitch scarf becomes a TURBAN! Ohh yea... you Bag Lady! *singing Erykah Badu's song*


Well... you don't need any pattern to do it. Just do the v-stitch forever until you reach desired length. :) Enjoy!

*many thanks to Dita, my lovely friend, who volunteered and sacrificed herself to be photographed in the extreme heat of Jakarta... BIG HUGS for you, girl*