July 11, 2008

scarves and tattoo

i'm saving some money to buy a mannequin for my scarves and hats. i haven't found the 'right' one yet but meanwhile i've been using my boyfriend as the mannequin though he's an extremely difficult one. for example, when i asked him to pose for me, he insisted to be posed half naked. i told him that i will upload it on my websites, but he didn't care. well, what can i say...

*wuv u babe..*

June 19, 2008

a short vacation

hi there! how are you?
i took short leave days and i went to Bali last month for 4 days (yea, it is TOO short). i had a chance to visit my dear friends, Esti and Novi in Ubud. it was great. i missed them a lot.

Esti's house is drop dead gorgeous and exotic. Placed in the middle of the landlord's garden, the house is so comfortable and made me weep. Wish i can find a place like this in Jakarta. with the same rent price.

the house actually is quite small. no bedroom, but the kitchen and the dining 'room' are fantastic. she occasionally does bird watching while she's working at home, an activity that's really really hardly to do in Jakarta. Jakarta has no birds no more. They're all poisoned.

ok. i forgot to capture the kitchen, i'm sorry, but look at this open-wall dining room! i spent the whole morning sitting there while eating my apple and drinking my coffee. heard the birds chirping, the sound of the wind breeze. i think that's the best morning i've ever had in my life.

i love the horses! (yest, they're horses, not giraffes) i think they're not finished yet, you can see sculpture pattern lines on them. but esti didn't let me have them.

after we had our breakfast, she took me to the garden to pick some flowers. (oh i envy her more). the big flower there actually can be eaten. just mix it with some chili.

and she also HAS cocoa tree!

and there she is, wearing her new scarf from me. i'll be back, sweetie. hopefully soon!

April 16, 2008

hats for daughters

i love little girls. i envy all my friends who have daughters. and they love those hats i made for them. that makes me envy more...

This is Naia. Her mom's just starting to learn crochet. I gave the hat to her two weekends ago when she and her mom came to my house. i used candy dyed cotton rami yarn and tulip hook number 5.

And this is Sofya. Please read my previous post about her bunny handphone case. this is the beret i made for her. yes, it IS a beret. so why does it look like that on her?? first, the beret is still too big for her. second, she just want to wear it that way. just let her, okay? look at her big big smile... she's so happy....

April 09, 2008

bunny handphone case

the one who requested this stuff is only a 3 years old. having very busy parents, she has to have her own cell phone for emergency. and i made her this cute little bunny to hold her important phone. she brings it every where. she loves bunnies. i promise i'll capture her with it next time (and other things i made for her).

Free Them!

As the result of 'Fitna' movie made by a Dutch ultraconservative parliament member, our government banned some websites like youtube, multiply, rapidshare, etc. It's a total mess, believe me. I've been using multiply for the last three years and put all of my writings there (and those great comments, my friends, etc etc)! grrrhhhh!

Now i'm joining the waves of protests here in my hometown. Hope the govt releases the banned websites soon.

April 07, 2008

hats galore

i love making hats. it's simple, quick and doesn't need a lot of yarns. i made these hats below based on the pattern from garn studio, chezcrochet, bythehook and interweave crochet.

(this is the first hat i made for him last year. he loooves it)

(it's supposedly a bit slouchy...but the yarn's too thick. but i love this result, anyway)

(everybody loooooves this hat!)

(errrr... i think something's wrong with it... i don't know... i'll read the pattern again and make another soon)

(he likes his new flappy hat. i made it for two hours only)

(this one goes to my friend's daughter, Naia, last week. I'm waiting her mom captures her picture wearing it for me)

a very very warm blanket

my friend, Jeany, is expecting a baby. it's already 5 months and she wants me to make couple of stuffs for her baby. this blanket was finished first!

there's the scarf

This is my first crochet for my boyfriend. It's a SCARF, not a headband just in case you need to know. :)